Welcome to Casco Bay Achievement

Our Mission:

Casco Bay Achievement is an SAT prep and academic support organization committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. Casco Bay Achievement fulfills this commitment through test preparation services, general counseling, subject specific tutoring & project oriented workshops. Turn on your potential!

Why prep for the SATs?

  • All high school juniors in the State of Maine take the SAT as part of the Maine Educational Assessment.
  • Learning specific SAT techniques and strategies to "crack the SAT" will greatly increase your possible score.1
  • Familiarity with the SAT's specific content will greatly increase your possible score and comfort with the test.
  • As stated by The Princeton Review, "all the SAT really measures is how well you take the SAT." Knowing how to take the SAT will greatly increase your possible score.2
  • Many students can improve their possible SAT score by over 200 points by following a rigorous SAT prep program.
  • 70% of four year colleges in the U.S. require the SAT test for admission.
  • Admissions officers agree that improvements in SAT scores, even as little as 20 points, greatly increase a student's chance for admission.3
  • Numerous college and merit scholarships require applicants to submit SAT scores and SAT scores are often used to determine whether a student qualifies for academic aid and/or merit scholarships. In the end, maximizing SAT scores maximizes your student's financial aid opportunities!

How will Casco Bay Achievement prepare you for the SAT?

  • We will teach you the tricks the SAT uses to trip you up, and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.
  • You will learn how SAT questions and answers are written, and how to find the right answer.
  • We will help you develop an individual SAT plan so you learn your test taking strengths and weaknesses, how long to spend answering questions, how many questions to answer and even when to guess.
  • You will receive focused and detailed instruction in the Math, Verbal and Writing sections of the SAT.
  • For the writing section you will be provided with individualized essay instruction and feedback.
  • Class size will be limited.
  • You will practice with real SAT questions.
  • You will take and analyze multiple SAT practice tests.
  • Our instructors are local high school teachers with over 20 years of combined high school teaching experience.

What are your tutoring options and course offerings?

  • Our 8-week Winter/Spring SAT prep course begins in late February of every year (specific dates TBA) at the UNE Biddeford & Portland Campuses. Click here to register now!
  • See our Course Information page for information about all of our current course offerings.
  • See our Tutoring page for information on private, semi-private, or group tutoring options and pricing.

Who are the instructors?

  • Brandon Parise and Geoffrey Slack, both teachers at local Maine high schools.


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